Maybe we know each other. Maybe we don’t. Regardless, spend a little bit of time on these pages, and you’ll know me just that much more 😉

I like love sex and boys. I also like love. Name any rom-com, rom-dram or rom-something and I’ve probably seen it — even the hellaciously crappy ones (no joke). Loving love aside, I’m not actually looking for it. I’m just not at a point in my life where I need it (Read: I can barely put up with myself, why add another person to the mix?).

Lust & Other Things is my outlet. It’s the window to my nights of drunken pool table sex or self discovery. Join me for the ride as I adventure my way through one-night stands, booty calls and maybe even dating (gulp).



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    My name is Hayley Mathis, and I’m the editor-in-chief of DatingAdvice.com, an all-inclusive dating resource site.

    A bit about DatingAdvice.com: We launched about a year and a half ago. We see 250K unique visitors and 500K page views per month. We offer advice from industry experts like Dr. Wendy Walsh, David Wygant, Julie Spira and more! We frequently get mentions from CNN, FoxNews, HLN and others.

    With that said, I wanted to see if you would be interested in guest blogging for us!

    If so, let me know and I can send you our guest blogging guidelines 🙂


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