Grouper Night: A Date in Review

Earlier this week, I was invited by one of my friends to join her on a Grouper date. Grouper, if you don’t know, is a social site that pairs to sets of friends, 3 and 3. For a small fee (per person), Grouper makes the match, arranges the date and covers the first round. You don’t have any communication with your match and his/her friends until the date itself. If you ever ran out of something to say, you could simply jump over to the conversation next to you.

I honestly enjoyed the date, but don’t think anything will come of it – romantically, at least. I particularly enjoyed it because it gave an organic feel to what something that came about thanks to a website. Remember, this is coming from a girl who has her doubts about online dating. But, alas, I’m getting ahead of myself.

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Flirting with class = mustache, always

Flirting with class = mustache, always (AKA Four Grownup Ways to e-flirt with Class via eHarmony)

True story: I clicked on this link solely for the image. I, mean, seriously?

I could only see a glimpse of it at first, but yes, the featured image is a woman with a mustache sweater. Let me rephrase it, the featured image – for a blog entry on E-FLIRTING WITH CLASS – is a woman with a mustache sweater.

That is all.

Foreign Affairs

In just seven days and some odd hours, I’ll be leaving on a jet plane for my Thanksgiving abroad. Had I still been not single, I would have tried (most likely, unsuccessfully) to spend as much time with B as I could muster before saying our fair wells for the week. Now that I am single, however, I’m responding to OkCupid messages (yes, I may have responded to Mr. Sincerely-your-ex-hubby… more on that later), signing up for Grouper and just trying to positively envision my life as a single gal once more. 

I’m thinking about … 

  • Dusting off / reworking my sex bucket list (more on this later)
  • Reading all those cheesy (or not cheesy and perhaps potentially informative) dating books
  • Walking up to strangers at bar with a new found vigor 


  • The possibility of a hot and heavy travel fling

Sadly — I’ve been googling “travel fling”, “travel romance”, “travel sex” for more time than I’ve spent writing this post. I’ve found nothing good. No helpful hints. No juicy stories. Nothing. 

Which is, I suppose, is normal. You can’t really develop a game plan for steamy travel agendas. Well, ok, you could, but that’s kind of creepy at the same time. 

Nevertheless, I am crossing my fingers that exchange glances with sexy smoldering European man (or two) from across the bar. In a typical romance movie fashion, he would casually get up and walk towards me, never looking away. Drinks. Laughter. The works would soon ensue. SAWOOOOOOOON. 

Ok — maybe I got a little ahead of myself, but I think you get the point 😉

Drinking the Online Dating Kool Aid

If my sexploration history says anything, it’s that I have a very alcohol-driven approach to guys. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally fine with it. But today, when perusing the daily deal sites, I stumbled across a deal for So I figured why not.

I mean, I’ll always be in need of new material for this bad boy anyway 🙂

That being said, I’m also on OKCupid… and well… that’s gotten me nowhere. But let’s be real, OKCupid is totallllllly a hookup site. With that in mind, putting that much effort into a booty call is kind of a waste.

Since I’m not well versed (at all) in online dating, I turned to the world wide web for some interesting finds:

  • Selfies? Not so much. Apparently you are 6x less likely to have your profile viewed if you have a selfie as a your profile pic. 
  • Don use no good grmmr. Ur odds of gittin a rsp r 20 pct higher if u use gud grmm #gofig
  • Out of all the profiles made in 2009, 10 percent of them were fake.
  • And that both men and women are really just looking for the same thing: a sense of humor (1), chemistry (2) and affectionate.

So now it’s time to dive into the ever fascinating word of online dating profiles. Wish me luck!