Fifty Shades of (Anything But) Grey

I should probably write these BEFORE I head out for the evening. Otherwise, I end up writing them half-asleep, so I’m sure they are chockfull of grammatical/spelling errors (or just don’t make sense, at all). But I guess there’s not much I can do about that today. Without further ado, tonight’s non-sensical ramblings:

I used to drive to work an hour (or more) each way. The only good thing I have to say about the year and a half worth of commuting is that I got to listen to the radio ALOT, and I especially enjoy the random shit they talk about during the morning talk shows.

One day, they decided to broach the topic of paint colors and what they mean for your sex life. I don’t remember their specific source, but I found an article on the topic from Glamour (if not that than try this Apartment Therapy one about paint colors and corresponding moods) so that will just have to do.


A survey of 2,000 adults, conducted by British retailer, revealed that the amount of sex a person has varies by the color of their bedroom and the type of their bedding. The décor scheme most likely to get you lucky? A purple bedroom and silk sheets.

Purple: 3.49      Red – 3.18      Sky blue – 3.14 (Top Three)

Beige – 1.97       Green – 1.89   Grey – 1.80 (Bottom Three)

Apartment Therapy:

Grey bedrooms are major mood killers, dampening the prospect of sex. If you want to get it on with your honey, paint your love nest purple instead. One survey showed that people in purple bedrooms had sex an average of 3.49 times per week, followed next by red, sky blue, and pink. Gray came in last at 1.8 times per week.

Well, shit. My room — scratch that 85% of my apartment — is painted grey. Luckily for me, my sex life hasn’t seemed to notice. I attribute it to the fact that my grey has a purple hue… and my purple sheets (sadly, not silk)… and my purple accessories … and my purple faux-headboard (aka curtains).

What can I say? I do like me some purple. It’s girly, but not all up in your face girly. It’s like the mature girl’s pink.

Yea, I just said that.

And this is why I need to go to bed.

But before I go…

What color is your bedroom and, if you don’t mind me asking, how fares your sex life? 


2 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of (Anything But) Grey

  1. My bedroom is off-white with (usually) brown blankets on the bed. I have no idea if it’s anything to do with the colour, but I’ve had a bumper year. 😀

  2. Institution white and our sex life has gone bye bye. I’m sure stress and me being borderline psycho (thank you, PMS) plus my husband’s oddball work schedule is a huge factor. When we’re both calm, it’s usually the cats bothering us or we’re just not interested. Isn’t married life fun?! *sarcasm* LOL

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