Facebook Status: Relationship Lite

I stumbled across a new term today: Relationship Lite. In my mind, I was like uhhhh — WHAT is that? Relationship Lite? 

Essentially, it’s the step up from FWB. Some say that it’s worth retiring the old FWB term. But, I mean, there’s always a little something different between one term to the next. 

Friends with benefits, to me — and the good-ole JT film — implies that you’re getting dirty between sheets with someone you get along with. It’s all good times with good people, but nothing serious. 

There’s also the “Fuck Buddy” label, which is obviously a step down from FWB. Tricky, tricky. 

Relationship Lite… Well… that just perfectly explains my current love life, and maybe that’s why I don’t really know I feel about it. Like hit’s the nail on the head with that one. 

According to a recent HuffPo article on the topic, a Relationship Lite is.. 

I’m defining a Relationship Lite as an arrangement between two people where you do relationship-like activities (hanging out, going out, ordering in, talking and sharing stories, getting drunk together, cuddling, watching movies, teasing each other, meeting each other’s friends, having sex) yet these activities lack the intimacy of a full-blown relationship. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the two of you don’t share moments of intimacy, but you must remember that “moments of” do not a relationship make. A full-blown relationship is built around the idea that the intimacy you share with your partner is reliable and acts as a stabilizing force in your life. You count on your partner for certain things (both practical and emotional) and in turn, your partner counts on you for the same support.

Relationships are built on trust, on compatibility, on mutual feelings. So what is a Relationship Lite? A relationship with all the good stuff, but then what… it’s just not so much on serious stuff? I may not be in the kind of relationship where I call my guy my BF, but I am in the kind of relationship where I know he’d be there for me if I needed him to be. 

So what’s that then, Relationship Lite 2.0?


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