The Date To End All Dates (NaBloPoMo)

Falling in love can be hard. Meeting that one special person can be hard (OK, maybe damn near impossible). Hell, even life can be hard. But just because it’s a challenge, doesn’t mean we can’t succeed, that we won’t succeed.

My latest challenge: NaBloPoMo (try saying that five times fast).

That’s one post a day for a month. From now until November 30. And to up the ante, I’ll take NaBloPoMo’s prompts and make them lust-y. Yea, that’s right, I went there…

BlogHer’s Prompt: If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?

Lusty-fied: Describe your end-all, be-all, most perfect date (if money were no object). 

I obviously didn’t make this easy on myself. I even went to my roommate for her input. She, being the more casual, laid-back, sports-watching kind of gal, went to the I-honestly-don’t-care-maybe-a-sporting-event place. Sure, she would like to be surprised, but an evening with a fancy dinner and all that jazz just ain’t her cup of tea.

Though I like to think of myself as the more laid-back kind of gal, I’ll be honest: I want what I want, and I want nothing less. Sure I’ll still be happy with alternatives, but a part of me will always be wishing for the next best thing (I know, I’m a winner *sarcasm*).

So … without further ado, my perfect date(s):

Option 1) The private jet and five-star restaurant in NYC

I don’t live in NYC. I live in Chicago. And sure there is quite the gaggle of amazing-beyond-belief restaurants I’ve been wanting to hit up in the city, it’s not New York. If you want to woo me, to wow me, to make me speechless, jet me off to NYC. Have reservations to the best of the best. Butter me up with fine wines and delicious cocktails. Enjoy a life-changingly good meal with me. Then take me sight seeing.

Option 2) Helicopter and Allium/Next

Obviously, I like things that take us up in the air. So if dinner in NYC isn’t an option, the next best thing would be a helicopter tour of Chicago. Followed by a four-hour tasting experiences (chef’s tablet preferred).

Option 3) I’m on a boat.

I do love me some Chicago summers. I believe I’d like them even more on a boat. A sail boat. With a picnic basket. And champagne. Chilled. Maybe a few chocolate covered strawberries.

Option 4) You tell me…

I like to be surprised. Sure the control freak in me freaks out a little, but I just like to be wowed. I like to know that a guy is willing to put in the effort, that I’m special. I want a guy who won’t hesitate to pull out all of the stops, just like every woman should be treated.

We can stay in, and still have a wonderful time. But the most exciting part of life is the experiences and the living we do along the way. Why not do it with someone special?

Tell me, what’s your idea of the perfect date?


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