It is what Is is.

This happened yesterday — well, at least it kind of sort of did. I had the opportunity to visit the BlogHer conference in Chicago (The kind of, sort of part, was that I was working the event for one of my clients, not as a blogger). Not expecting more than throngs of mommy bloggers and brands catering to the like, I really didn’t expect much — at all.

Fast forward to the Trojan booth. Yes, ladies, the Trojan booth. As I write this (scribe?), I happily possess a variety of Trojan Lubricants and even a vibrator from the Trojan Midnight Collection. Sadly, the vibrator doesn’t work (of course, i’ve already tried giving it a go), but I’ve contacted customer service to see about getting a replacement.

Nevertheless, it reminded me of both this blog and the fun I can have it. Since my last post, I’ve officially accepted the fact that I am at least dating this one guy. And while I haven’t been shenanigan-ing per my usual self, I have been having fun — a lot of fun.

In some ways it sucks to admit this, but I like him and this whole pseudo dating thing — a lot. It doesn’t help when he says the kind of shit that is just straight up trouble. The I Miss You’s when I don’t sleep over. The I Like It’s when we cuddle. The kind of shit that makes you smile and your heart skip a beat.

It’s bogus, what it is. Real 100% bogus. It’s the kind of stuff that I love to hate. But then I remember that I am a die-hard romantic to the core. I melt on this kind of stuff, so it’s no wonder I see him almost everyday and miss him when I don’t.

Oh the joys of new “relationships” — because, of course, we’re not even officially dating.


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