What, oh what, am I getting myself into?

I’ve seemed to have fallen into an alternate universe. In it, I date. Like actually spend time with a guy, the same guy. Shortly after my first date/non-date, I went on another date-like thing with a different guy. We’ve been friends for a while. And one alcohol-driven night, we may or may not have hooked up.

That one’s a bit debatable as neither one of us really remember. Waking up sans clothing is kind of a big giveaway though.

So when we went on our date, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. At a Dan Band concert, we bonded over a few beers and our mutual appreciation for the opener’s sheer glitter button up (it was so amazing even a straight guy was willing to admit it). It was fun. So much fun, that over the past two weeks, I’ve slept in his bed more than my own.

I like him more than I would like to admit. And that’s just kind of frightening (so for now, I haven’t admitted it). Fortunately (or unfortunately), he’s the same way. Except he accidentally let it drunkenly slip that he does in fact like me.

For now, though, I suppose that I will just keep seeing where this goes. I’m not gonna run the opposite direction just because I come with my fair share of emotional issues. He even comes with his own, so if he’s willing to put up with my crazy, I guess I can put up with his.

On another note, The Bachelorette is back!!!! I’m more than willing to admit that I do love me some Bachelorette #guiltylittlepleasure


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