Drinking the Online Dating Kool Aid

If my sexploration history says anything, it’s that I have a very alcohol-driven approach to guys. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally fine with it. But today, when perusing the daily deal sites, I stumbled across a deal for Match.com. So I figured why not.

I mean, I’ll always be in need of new material for this bad boy anyway 🙂

That being said, I’m also on OKCupid… and well… that’s gotten me nowhere. But let’s be real, OKCupid is totallllllly a hookup site. With that in mind, putting that much effort into a booty call is kind of a waste.

Since I’m not well versed (at all) in online dating, I turned to the world wide web for some interesting finds:

  • Selfies? Not so much. Apparently you are 6x less likely to have your profile viewed if you have a selfie as a your profile pic. 
  • Don use no good grmmr. Ur odds of gittin a rsp r 20 pct higher if u use gud grmm #gofig
  • Out of all the profiles made in 2009, 10 percent of them were fake.
  • And that both men and women are really just looking for the same thing: a sense of humor (1), chemistry (2) and affectionate.

So now it’s time to dive into the ever fascinating word of online dating profiles. Wish me luck!


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